The Amethyst Angel

Last week I saw a necklace in the store. It was a delicate silver chain with an angel pendant. The angel was holding an amethyst heart. I knew that amethysts were not her birthstone. Her birthday was in October. Amethyst is the stone for February. I know this because my older sister’s birthday was in February and that was her birthstone. Amethysts are purple though, and that was her favorite color. There were two of the angel necklaces. Both were holding amethysts. I saw it as a message from my sister, Angela, that I was supposed to buy this necklace, so I did. I knew exactly what I was supposed to do with it also.

I took the necklace across the street to the hospital. There was someone there that I had already planned to visit. Once I walked into the room, I saw her smile. She always wore a smile, no matter how bad things were. I never saw her without it. She loved the necklace. She loved the angel.

A week later, she gained her own wings. Today, my beautiful cousin walked through the gates of Heaven with an angel at her side. An angel that was born in February and was presented to her as an angel pendant just a week ago. An angel that stayed close to her for this past week and prepared her for her final journey.

Ashley, you were too young to have to go through this. The time we were given to get to know each other was not long enough. I am angry about the years that were stolen from us, both in the past and in the future. I am angry that nobody has found a way to stop this terrible disease from taking anybody else. Most of all, I am heartbroken.

R.I.P. my beautiful cousin. I will miss you.


Ashley is the beautiful woman on the right. This was taken at a benefit that was held for her in 2016.