Update to yesterday’s post

The post on Facebook now has well over 1000 shares. I do like that it is getting out there. Especially after some new information has come up today.

Today I have been getting messages from women in my town about this man. They have been able to give information that I purposely did not put on the Facebook post, so I know they are legit claims from these women. One even sent me a picture of the car.

This man is hitting up women all over town. So far, I have had messages of three different incidents at a Dairy Mart on Pine Street. There have been messages from two incidents at a Pick N Save in the downtown area. My own encounter was downtown and about a mile away from Pick N Save.

One of the Dairy Mart incidents happened THIS MORNING. A young girl (23 years old) was walking with her sister and sister’s boyfriend. They were several steps behind her. The guy stopped the girl to chat her up, much like he did me yesterday. There were two differences though. He told her that his name was Lucky. He also told her that he was unable to give her his phone number because he was getting a new phone, so he asked for her number. This girl sent me a picture of the car and him. Same guy from yesterday.

Here is where it really gets interesting and scary. This girl also told me that he is a family member of one of her friends. She said that he is from Columbus. That is one thing he told me yesterday. She also said that he is a sex trafficker that hasn’t been caught yet. That is one of the things I had mentioned to my mother, sister, boss at work, and several other people.

After talking to this girl today, I called my sister. She lives over in the area of the Dairy Mart. I told her what I had found out about the guy and made her promise that she would not leave her house without having her taser with her.

Since my local city police won’t do anything, I am going to talk to the sheriff and see if he can do anything. This man seems dangerous to the safety and well-being of the women in my town. He needs to be dealt with.

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