Facebook can do good

Something happened today that was a bit creepy. Let me set the scene. There are two cars setting in front of my apartment that I have access to, but cannot drive. One car needs a new starter. The other car needs a new brake line. Since I had a doctor appointment today and both cars are out of commission, I decided to use public transportation. I used to do that a lot.

The bus station is only about half a mile from my apartment. It was a beautiful, sunny, 70° day. Instead of catching the bus at the end of my street, I decided to make the walk to the station. It’s good exercise and I miss walking around downtown.

I am just a few blocks away from the bus station when a car honks at me and the driver waves. I am walking alone, so there was nobody else this driver could have been waving to. The car also looks similar to my sister’s work car so I stop walking in case it was her.

It was not my sister. It was a man who said he knows me. Said his name was Jimmy. I know a lot of Jimmys, but this man was not one of them. He shoved a paper in my hand with his name and phone number on it and said to call that number in a few minutes and he would tell me how he knows me then he drove off.

I was curious, so I called the number. He said that we had never met, but he had just moved to the area and was lonely. He was looking for women to go back to his house for a dinner and a movie and asked if I would like to visit or if I knew of any women who would be willing. I hung up and blocked his number.

The police station was directly across the street from where I was standing. I knew I had time before my bus and the bus station was beside the police station, so I stopped at the police station.

I talked to a woman in the records office and told her about the strange and creepy incident. She agreed that it sounded odd and said I needed to talk to an officer and make a report. She told me to go out to the lobby, pick up the black phone, and dial the dispatcher number on the wall. I did what she said. The dispatcher said “There’s nothing we can do. He isn’t breaking any laws. Just don’t give him your number and don’t take his.” Too late for that, but thanks for your non-help.

I go to my doctor appointment (biopsy was normal thankfully). When I get home, I post about the incident on facebook. I made it public so people can share what happened with others in my town. It has now been shared almost 700 times.

While looking through the list of the people who have shared it, I saw something disturbing. Other women were posting about similar incidents with this same person.

I did a Google search of the phone number and came across the man’s full name as well as his facebook page. I am not posting them to facebook…yet. IF the man is truly only looking for some friends, then he is innocent of any trouble, and just going about making friends in a pretty creepy manner. BUT I will be keeping an eye on the local news. If any women start to come up missing or dead, you can be damned sure that all of the information I have will be going to the police. They may not be willing to do anything right now, but if something happens, I refuse to have it on my conscious for not doing anything.

For now, I will just have to be happy with the fact that today’s incident has been reported to people on Facebook and the word is out to the women of the area.

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